Anal gas murder: How the brutal murder was covered up

Tasnim Hassan, Special Correspondent,, Chattogram bureau


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There is a saloon at the entrance to the Rupali residential area of Chandgaon in Chattogram city. Sameer Ghosh, a garage owner known to the shopkeeper, has come to cut hair in that saloon. In words, the shopkeeper asked Sameer Ghosh whether the family of the employee who was killed by inserting air into the anus in your garage a few days ago has filed a case. Smiling in response to that question, Sameer said, 'If it was a case, would you see me here? He would have stayed in jail for a few days by now.

Then Sameer highlighted how he covered up the murder. He said, 'My younger brother ( runs a shop in front of the CMC hospital) has managed the hospital. I paid the rest by going to that boy's house three times. I also took a written from his parents in the presence of a member of the Union Parishad so that no case would be filed later. There is no more trouble.' Then some people who came to the saloon to cut hair asked Sameer to know how the boy was killed. Seeing the interest of the people around, Sameer avoided saying that he was busy, then quickly left the shop. Incidentally, this reporter was also there.'s investigation started after getting some glimpse of the incident from Sameer's mouth. A long-term investigation revealed how a young man was murdered. And how the murder was covered up.

The name of the victim of murder is Subrata Ghosh. And he was also killed by a young man, his name is Mohammad Rocky. Rocky and Subrata used to work in two garages in Bahaddarhat bus terminal area of Chattogram city. Rocky in Emran Hossain's garage and Subrata in Sameer Ghosh's garage. Both are about the same age, 25-26 years. On March 5, the murder happened at six in the evening in Imran's garage.

From that little matter Rockey and Subrata picked up a quarrel. At time Mohammad Rocky forcibly inserted the nozzle of the blue pipe (wheel cleaning and airing device) into Subrata Ghosh's anus. Instantly Subrata, who was standing, froze and fell down. His whole stomach swelled with air. After that, the nearby people quickly rescued Subrata and took him to a local clinic. From there he was taken to Chattogram Medical College Hospital and the air was removed after surgery. But ICU was needed after that. That is why he was taken to the private Parkview Hospital, one kilometer away. But Subrata could not be saved. The eldest son, the main support of the husbandless mother's survival, fell into the lap of death at night.

The murder happened in a crowded area. There are also witnesses who saw the whole incident. But still no murder case! Subrata's mother and brother were not allowed to carry out the post-mortem of the body. Late at night, Subrata's body was sent to Chechuria village in East Chechuria village of Banshkhali. Arrangements were made to cremate Subrata's body in the courtyard of his house before dawn.

The garage owner Sameer Ghosh, who was like a father to Baba Hara Subrata, arranged to cover up the whole incident. And Bikash Dutta, a member of Bailchari Union Parishad, assisted him in this work.'s investigation revealed how the incident was covered up after the killing of a fresh young man, how his parents and siblings were kept silent by intimidation.

what happened that day

A lane goes west before the mosque near Bahaddarhat bus terminal. A one-story building is on the right hand side after a little step in that lane. There are rows of shops on both sides of the ground floor of that building. North facing two car wheel repair garage. Among them, the garage on the eastern side belongs to Sameer, where Subrata was working as a manager. The garage opposite is Emran's. This reporter visited the spot three times to find out what exactly happened that day. But no one wanted to be named.

However, some eyewitnesses have highlighted the whole incident. They said, that day was Tuesday (March 5) evening. Rocky was cleaning the wheels with a blue pipe nozzle. Subrata was watching it standing by. At that time, before suddenly realizing anything, Rocky pressed the nozzle along Subrata's anus. Even though Subrata was wearing pants, it was no barrier in front of the high velocity wind. Within seconds, Subrata collapsed with a swollen stomach. Seeing that the situation was dire, the workers of the nearby garage along with Rocky came and took Subrata to a nearby clinic. But as there was no oxygen supply machine there, he was taken to Chattogram Medical College (CMC) Hospital. After being stunned, Subrata's stomach was surgically evacuated. But due to the high velocity air, the sensitive stomach, liver and pulse were damaged. That is why urgent treatment is required in intensive care unit (ICU). But as the ICU was not vacant in CMCH, Subrata was taken to the private Parkview Hospital, a kilometer away. At 12:10 PM there, Subrata fell to his death.

Two eyewitnesses said that Subrata and Rocky had already had animosity for some reason. Rocky wanted to repay that. On the occasion of not having the owner in the garage, Rocky inserted the nozzle along Subrata's anus because long-time garage worker Rocky knows the high-velocity air delivery of this blue pipe nozzle. Such incidents have happened many times in the country. It is not acceptable that Rocky did this without understanding.

Subrata's brother was not informed in the beginning Subrata's younger brother Suman Ghosh already works in the garage. He brought Subrata to Sameer's garage. Even though he worked in another garage, Suman had a good relationship with Sameer. But even after Subrata fell seriously ill, Suman was not informed about his brother's plight. Suman came to know about the incident at eight o'clock in the night, at Subrata CMC Hospital after taking Sameer told that too under duress because such a sensitive patient was not being admitted to the hospital without a guardian.

Subrata's mother Panna Ghosh pointed that out to She said, 'Suman was called and informed about Subrata at around eight o'clock in the night. After that, Suman called me and informed me about the incident. Basically, in the case of hospitalization, a guardian is needed, that's why Suman was called and taken to the hospital.

Sameer tries to hide the incident

This reporter went to Sameer's garage three times to find out about the Subrata murder. But he was not found. The journalist came and got away with a trick. Although contacted by phone, he disconnected the connection repeatedly citing various problems. Finally last Tuesday Sameer spoke about this.

Sameer Ghosh told, "I was at home at the time of the incident. Later I came to know that Rocky was cleaning the wheels and Subrata was standing there pressing the mobile. At such times, they fought each other because of teasing. Later, Rocky inserted the nozzle into Subrata's anus. Shortly after this, Subrata fell down from standing.

Sameer said that he was taken to CMC Hospital and underwent surgery, "Subrata used to work in my garage. I also had relatives. So I tried to save him. I arranged surgery with CMC Hospital. However, I could not save it.

When asked why no case or legal action was taken, Sameer Ghosh said, 'Rocky ran away soon after Subrata died. I arranged for the cremation of Subrata's dead body on my own initiative and paid all the expenses. Later I called Rocky's father. After reconciling with Subrata's parents, I collected Tk. two lakh from Rocky's father. And Rocky and his father have apologized to Subrata's parents. Since the money has been settled, the incident has not progressed further.

A search at the hospital police outpost did not reveal much about Subrata. Subrata's relatives believe that Sameer Ghosh made arrangements so that the incident did not go to the police.

On the other hand, he was not found in Emran's garage. But when he called, he said, 'I kicked Rocky out of the garage on the day Subrata died. I told you not to come again.

Although he could not say exactly where Rocky's village home is, Emran said, "I know it's in Noakhali." But I don't know which upazila. I heard that Rocky is at home now.

But since Subrata's murder, Rocky is no longer using his old mobile number. His mobile number has been called several times over the past week but has been repeatedly switched off. His father's number was also not available, so it was not possible to talk.

do not know how much money has been settled.

When asked to know from Bikash Dutt, he said, 'This is a long time ago. After Subrata's family informed me about the matter, I sat down and resolved it. It ended on that day.' But when asked about the settlement with money, he avoided it and said, 'You can't talk so much on the phone. Come face to face.

Chandgaon police station is half a kilometer away from the garage where Subrata was murdered. However, even after almost two and a half months of the incident, the police do not know any information about this.

When asked, Officer-in-Charge (OC) of Chandgaon Police Station Zahidul Kabir told, "We are not aware of the matter." No one complained. But now that I know, I will look into this matter.

Advocate Akhtar Kabir Chowdhury, general secretary of Sushashoner Jonnya Nagrik (Sujan) Chattogram district branch told, "The police have their own sources. They also have community policing. Still, if the police do not know about such brutal murders, what is credible.

Suman left the job under pressure

After the death of his elder brother, Suman joined work in the garage of Bahaddarhat bus terminal area of Chattogram city. But many people went to him and wanted to know about the murder of his brother. As a result, the incident spread. Two people close to Suman said, 'If Suman tried to tell everyone about his brother, others including Sameer Ghosh threatened him. He said, "I took the money, I gave a written bond saying that I will not file a case - even then why are you telling everyone." After that, Suman quit his job in fear. This young man is also avoiding the phone because of fear of the unknown, so it was not possible to talk.

When Sameer Ghosh was asked about Suman, he said, "He has left her job and gone home." But Sameer denied the pressure.

Subrata joined the garage four months ago

Subrata appeared in the SSC examination. However, the study did not proceed further due to failure. Later, Subrata got a job in a drug pharmacy in Habib's shop area. But lost that job during Corona. After that he worked in different places. He worked in a sweet shop before joining Garage. Last December, younger brother Suman brought him to Chattogram city and arranged a job in that garage. Subrata used to get a salary of Tk. 16 thousand there. But after four months of service, he had to return as a dead body.

Two brothers in the city, mother alone in the village. Suman had to be busy every day. So when Thursday came, Subrata used to run to his mother. He used to return to the city after giving time to his mother for two days. Panna Ghosh recalled that and said, 'And after two days, the son would come to me. But before that, Tuesday came but not that fresh boy of mine, but his frozen body.

In the words of Panna Ghosh, on the one hand, the lamentation of losing a son, on the other hand, the desire to get justice for the murder of his son! 


Benazir Ahmed resigned from the ‘Boat Club’

Staff Correspondent, Dhaka:
photo: collected

photo: collected

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Former Inspector General of Police (IGP) Benazir Ahmed has resigned from the post of Savar Boat Club President. On June 13, he left this post by sending a letter to the club's advisor, Rubel Aziz.

Boat Club executive committee member businessman Nasir U Mahmood confirmed the matter to the media.

Nasir said that Benazir Ahmed, who is in charge of the president of the boat club, wrote to the advisor of the club, Rubel Aziz, that he is out of the country with his family on urgent work. Due to which he is not able to perform the duties of the president of the club.

Nasir said that after the resignation of Benazir Ahmed, Rubel Aziz has been given the responsibility of acting president.

The Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) was probing the assets of former IGP Benazir Ahmed and his family. Meanwhile, he and his family left the country on May 4. Benazir was IGP from April 2020 to September 2022 and Director General of RAB from January 2015 to April 2020. He also served as Commissioner of Dhaka Metropolitan Police (DMP) for a long time.


4 dead, 1 missing in Rangamati lightning strike

District Correspondent,, Rangamati:
photo: collected

photo: collected

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At least three people were killed when a domestic passenger boat was hit by lightning along with a sudden storm while traveling in Kaptai Lake in Longdu in Rangamati. The boat driver is still missing in this incident. At the same time, another housewife was killed by lightning in Chairman Tila of Karlyachhari under Langadu Upazila.

Longadu police station OC Harunur Rashid confirmed the matter and said that they died due to lightning while returning home from Maini Bazar to Bhamanyadam on Saturday. An unnatural death case will be filed in this regard.

On Saturday (June 15) on the way home after work at Qurbani haat, an engine driven boat was struck by lightning at a place called Mina Bazar in Longadu Upazila. Four people including the boat driver were killed on the spot. All four are residents of Bhasanyadam area of Bhasanyadam union.

The deceased are Ziaul Haque (50), Akkas Ali (45), Obaidullah (30), Bachchu Mia (30).

Three people have been found in the incident, but the boat driver Akkas Ali has not been found yet. The search for missing Akkas Ali is ongoing.

On the other hand, a housewife named Rina Begum (35) was killed by lightning in the Chairman Ghat area of Longdu Karlyachari.

On Saturday (June 15) at 3:00 p.m., the wife of Ibrahim, Karlyachi Chairman of Attarchhara Union, Tila No. 1 Ward, died due to lightning while standing on the balcony of her living room.


Savar leather industrial city ready, target 1 crore 10 lakh pieces

Md. Kamruzzaman, Staff Correspondent, Savar(Dhaka):


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Last-minute preparations are underway in Savar leather industry centering on Eid-ul-Azha. Cleaning is going on in the factories. Preparations have been completed by BSCIC and Central Effluent Treatment Plant (CETP) authorities. Bangladesh Tanners Association has said that the target of collecting 1 crore 10 lakh pieces of leather has been taken this year.

On Saturday (June 15) in Harindhara area of Savar's Tentuljhora union, BSCIC leather industry town was seen, intensive preparations are going on in the factories. Salt is being brought to a factory. Chemicals are being brought somewhere. Somewhere else the machineries are being checked as waste is being removed from factories and roadsides. Similarly, the drains are also being cleaned.

On the other hand, the authorities said that the maintenance work of the machinery of CETP has been done. BSCIC authorities have already fixed a volunteer team of 50 people to collect skins.

Bangladesh Tanners Association (BTA) General Secretary Shakhawat Ullah said, we have set a target of collecting 1 crore to 1 crore 10 lakh pieces of leather from cows, goats, buffaloes and sheep this year. This year the price of salt is also very stable. The concern this year is the heat. Since the season of sacrifice is hot and this year it is hotter, so those who collect skins all over the country will store the skins according to proper rules, then they will get a fair price for the skins. Besides, the condition of CETP is better than ever before.

Regarding the preparation of the leather industrial city, the Executive Engineer of Savar's BSCIC leather industrial city Mahfuzur Rahman Rizoan said, in this year's Eid-ul-Azha, we have set a target of collecting 6 lakh skins in the industrial city. Besides, we have come to know that the target of collection of 6 lakh pieces has been taken in the area around our leather industry. We have formed a team of more than 50 volunteers for the smooth entry of leather into the leather industry city. It will start working from 3 pm on the day of Eid. Hopefully by this time our leather harvesting and leather processing will be done smoothly.

Managing Director of Dhaka Tannery Industrial Estate Weight Treatment Plant Company Limited Golam Shahnewaz said, we have prepared extensively for the Eid-ul-Azha. Besides, we have preparations throughout the year. Our Common Chrome Recovery Unit (CCRU) was closed for the last one year. But last February we introduced 50% of its chrome separation section. The remaining 50% will be operational within the next month.

He said, the overhauling that we do every year, during Qurbani, it is being done more extensively this year. From our EPS 1, 2 and 3 to Equation, Effluent Pumping Station and Thickening Tank we have prepared everything to increase our efficiency.

Dhaka Deputy Commissioner and District Magistrate Anisur Rahman said, Dhaka district administration has taken an exceptional initiative in preserving leather this year. Its main function is to make people aware. The district administration is distributing leaflets through the stalls of the two cities of Dhaka in coordination with BSCIC on 20 cow market. Rover Scouts, including our staff, are campaigning how to skin, how to salt.

He said that arrangements have also been made for the transportation of leather. In every hour the quality of the leather decreases. As a result, special measures have been taken at Posta so that the leather transporting vehicles do not have to be affected by traffic jams on the road, and the leather can reach the warehouse quickly. And in the leather industry city of Savar, in coordination with OCs and UNOs, measures have been taken to ensure that there is no traffic jam there.


Irrigation pumps will run on solar power: Prime Minister

Staff Correspondent,
Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina

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Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina said that the government wants to bring the country's irrigation system completely under solar power.

She said, I want to make the irrigation system completely dependent on solar power. This may require some investment initially, but will reduce costs in the long run.

The Prime Minister said this at the inauguration of the tree plantation program organized by the Bangladesh Krishak League at Ganabhaban on Saturday (June 15) and the prize distribution ceremony.

Stating that the government is subsidizing the power sector, the Prime Minister said that an excellent system has been invented. An umbrella equipped with solar panels will be placed over a well where rainwater will be stored. Irrigation will be done with solar energy.

She mentioned that a huge amount of land will not be wasted for introducing this system. She further said that currently solar panels are being manufactured and we can install solar panels in nearby villages for irrigation.

Sheikh Hasina said that the government will take the country towards industrialization by developing an agriculture-based economy. The Prime Minister called upon the leaders and workers of his party to play an important role in making Bangladesh green.

She called for planting saplings along river embankments, coastal areas, roadsides, rooftops and houses to strengthen the green movement.

Krishak League President Sameer Chand and Acting General Secretary Biswanath Sarkar also spoke on the occasion. Shamima Shahriar, joint general secretary of Krishak League, moderated the program.