Allegation of tender fraud against Netrakona Public Health Executive Engineer

Avijeet Roy Kaushik, Staff Correspondent,
photo: Barta24

photo: Barta24

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The festival of corruption is going on in Public Health Engineering Office of Netrakona. After allegations of tender control and fraud, taking bribes through banks, building houses through contractors, allegations of tender fraud have also been raised recently. Executive Engineer Moshiur Rahman's name is at the center of the complaint. And the Chief Engineer Tushar Mohan Sadhu Khan is pretending not to see. Sources said that a written complaint has been sent to the ministry.

Confirming that a written complaint has been filed with the ministry regarding tender fraud, the source said, the complaint, embezzlement of money without doing work, accepting bribes through banks under the pretense of getting tenders. There are specific allegations against Moshiur that he is building houses in Jamalpur by taking money from contractors.

However, overriding all the complaints, the issue of tender fraud has come to the fore as a major complaint. In the written complaint submitted to the ministry, it is said that Executive Engineer Moshiur Rahman has committed this fraud in the project of installing deep tube wells in various upazilas of Netrakona district. Project Name- Installation of 10 Nos 100 mm x 38 mm Deep Tube well with Submersible Pump at Different Upazilas of Netrokona Districts under revenue budget).

It has been said that the implementation of a similar project costs Tk. 10 lakh elsewhere, where this Executive Engineer is showing the cost of Tk. 15 lakh 66 thousand.

Besides, he submitted fake certificate in the name of M/s Sunny Traders (Mr. Shafiq). It is alleged that Moshiur Rahman and Shafiq jointly created fake certificates which is certified as correct by the stroke of the pen, Executive Engineer Moshiur himself. Uploaded the same in the e-GP system and sent the valuation report in the name of M/s Sunny Traders (Mr. Shafiq).

It is said in the charge sheet that although the matter was reported to the Superintendent Engineer( SE), Mashiur Rahman sent the evaluation report directly to the Chief Engineer bypassing the SE. It is referred to as crime and fraud, such corruption is corrupting the entire system.

Copies of forged certificates are attached to the complaint. The certificate shows that M/s Sunny Traders (Mr. Shafiq) has worked on 53 TSPs in safe water supply projects across the country during the financial year 2018-19. But the operation of the safe water supply project across the country has started in the fiscal year 2019-20. That means this work is done before the project starts which is false The contractor and Executive Engineer Moshiur Rahman have forged documents together, which is serious professional misconduct under Rule 127 of PPR-2008 and an offense punishable under Sub-rule 8.

Also, various types of evidence have been presented in this charge sheet.

Meanwhile, it has been alleged that Chief Engineer Tushar Mohan Sadhu Khan is fully aware of the matter. Allegations are being made that he himself may be involved in the corruption because he did not take any action despite knowing about the corruption in the projects under his control.

This reporter tried several times to contact Tushar Mohan Sadhu Khan of Public Health to find out about these allegations but failed. He tried to contact the mobile phone from different numbers but he did not receive any call. Later, he sent a small message on social media WhatsApp about the complaint, but he did not give any reply.

When Local Government Division Secretary Muhammad Ibrahim was called on his mobile phone to inquire whether he is aware of this, he also did not answer.

Earlier, Barta published a report on the corruption of Netrakona District Public Health Executive Engineer Moshiur Rahman under the title "Public Health 'Raghabbowal' Moshiur, Alleged Fraud through Bank to Give Tender".

In the report, the information of taking bribe of Tk. 3 lakh through the Sonali Bank account of BUET branch about getting the tender for 30 wash block repair works of Madan and Khaliajuri upazila of Netrokona came out. Besides, if he did not work with the money, he also attacked the bribe payer if he asked for the money back.

When complaints were made to the Chief Engineer of the Directorate, Moshiur boastfully said, "Do whatever you want, those Chief Engineers cannot do anything to me."

There are also allegations against Executive Engineer Mashiur of taking money from the contractors and building houses in Jamalpur without doing the work of installing 50 tube wells of the Haor project in Kalmakanda and misbehaving with the staff and contractors for various reasons, abusing them in inaudible language and threatening to kill them.

When asked about the allegations at that time, Moshiur Rahman told that these allegations are false. I don't even know anyone who made the complaint.

The receipt of the money given to your account through the bank is attached in the charge sheet, if you do not know him, then why did a stranger give so much money to your account, he said, this money was deposited by my staff. There is a signature there, that of my accounting assistant. If the contractor had submitted it, it would have had his signature. My accountant's signature was gone.

In response to the question that if your account assistant or your office staff deposited the money, then how the receipt of that money went into the hands of someone else, Mashiur said, I don't know. This is my question too because I have that slip too. received a copy of the letter written by contractor Haji Abdul Wahab, who complained to the Secretary of the Ministry of Local Government. This is under the title of 'Executive Engineer Moshiur Rahman not giving work without money(proof attached)'. In the complaint he wrote, I submit to you that I am a third grade contractor in Netrakona district. I participated in small and medium quality work in various government offices including the Department of Public Health Engineering. When talking about the work to Moshiur Rahman, Executive Engineer of Department of Public Health Engineering, Netrakona, he showed the estimate of 30 wash block repair work in Madan and Khaliajuri upazilas and said, I will give this work to you, you prepare, how will you work in the E-GP system, he said. He said, I will do manual tender and quotation. If you want to do the work, I will have to pay Tk. 3 lakhs. He gave me an account number 4404034166124 of Sonali Bank, BUET branch. Ask him to deposit the money at that address and give the original slip. As promised, I went to Sonali Bank Netrakona branch on April 3 and deposited the money and asked him to submit the original slip and give the work order.

In the complaint, Haji Abdul Wahab also wrote that he (Mashiur) asked to meet on April 8. When he went to him on that date, he said, now there is a little problem and he is late for a couple of months. When I asked for my hard-earned money back, they came at me and said whatever they want, those Chief Engineers can't do anything for me.

When asked about the complaint, the SE of Mymensingh Circle of Public Health Engineering Department Abdul Awal told, I do not know anything about this complaint. I have not received any complaints. I will look into the matter if there is a complaint.

But I don't think that's the case, he added. There are many evil people! He said that he heard about the bank slip, but that does not mean that he took this money from there. Those who take bribes, I think they don't take it through banks, opined the Superintending Engineer. 


Benazir Ahmed resigned from the ‘Boat Club’

Staff Correspondent, Dhaka:
photo: collected

photo: collected

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Former Inspector General of Police (IGP) Benazir Ahmed has resigned from the post of Savar Boat Club President. On June 13, he left this post by sending a letter to the club's advisor, Rubel Aziz.

Boat Club executive committee member businessman Nasir U Mahmood confirmed the matter to the media.

Nasir said that Benazir Ahmed, who is in charge of the president of the boat club, wrote to the advisor of the club, Rubel Aziz, that he is out of the country with his family on urgent work. Due to which he is not able to perform the duties of the president of the club.

Nasir said that after the resignation of Benazir Ahmed, Rubel Aziz has been given the responsibility of acting president.

The Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) was probing the assets of former IGP Benazir Ahmed and his family. Meanwhile, he and his family left the country on May 4. Benazir was IGP from April 2020 to September 2022 and Director General of RAB from January 2015 to April 2020. He also served as Commissioner of Dhaka Metropolitan Police (DMP) for a long time.


4 dead, 1 missing in Rangamati lightning strike

District Correspondent,, Rangamati:
photo: collected

photo: collected

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At least three people were killed when a domestic passenger boat was hit by lightning along with a sudden storm while traveling in Kaptai Lake in Longdu in Rangamati. The boat driver is still missing in this incident. At the same time, another housewife was killed by lightning in Chairman Tila of Karlyachhari under Langadu Upazila.

Longadu police station OC Harunur Rashid confirmed the matter and said that they died due to lightning while returning home from Maini Bazar to Bhamanyadam on Saturday. An unnatural death case will be filed in this regard.

On Saturday (June 15) on the way home after work at Qurbani haat, an engine driven boat was struck by lightning at a place called Mina Bazar in Longadu Upazila. Four people including the boat driver were killed on the spot. All four are residents of Bhasanyadam area of Bhasanyadam union.

The deceased are Ziaul Haque (50), Akkas Ali (45), Obaidullah (30), Bachchu Mia (30).

Three people have been found in the incident, but the boat driver Akkas Ali has not been found yet. The search for missing Akkas Ali is ongoing.

On the other hand, a housewife named Rina Begum (35) was killed by lightning in the Chairman Ghat area of Longdu Karlyachari.

On Saturday (June 15) at 3:00 p.m., the wife of Ibrahim, Karlyachi Chairman of Attarchhara Union, Tila No. 1 Ward, died due to lightning while standing on the balcony of her living room.


Savar leather industrial city ready, target 1 crore 10 lakh pieces

Md. Kamruzzaman, Staff Correspondent, Savar(Dhaka):


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Last-minute preparations are underway in Savar leather industry centering on Eid-ul-Azha. Cleaning is going on in the factories. Preparations have been completed by BSCIC and Central Effluent Treatment Plant (CETP) authorities. Bangladesh Tanners Association has said that the target of collecting 1 crore 10 lakh pieces of leather has been taken this year.

On Saturday (June 15) in Harindhara area of Savar's Tentuljhora union, BSCIC leather industry town was seen, intensive preparations are going on in the factories. Salt is being brought to a factory. Chemicals are being brought somewhere. Somewhere else the machineries are being checked as waste is being removed from factories and roadsides. Similarly, the drains are also being cleaned.

On the other hand, the authorities said that the maintenance work of the machinery of CETP has been done. BSCIC authorities have already fixed a volunteer team of 50 people to collect skins.

Bangladesh Tanners Association (BTA) General Secretary Shakhawat Ullah said, we have set a target of collecting 1 crore to 1 crore 10 lakh pieces of leather from cows, goats, buffaloes and sheep this year. This year the price of salt is also very stable. The concern this year is the heat. Since the season of sacrifice is hot and this year it is hotter, so those who collect skins all over the country will store the skins according to proper rules, then they will get a fair price for the skins. Besides, the condition of CETP is better than ever before.

Regarding the preparation of the leather industrial city, the Executive Engineer of Savar's BSCIC leather industrial city Mahfuzur Rahman Rizoan said, in this year's Eid-ul-Azha, we have set a target of collecting 6 lakh skins in the industrial city. Besides, we have come to know that the target of collection of 6 lakh pieces has been taken in the area around our leather industry. We have formed a team of more than 50 volunteers for the smooth entry of leather into the leather industry city. It will start working from 3 pm on the day of Eid. Hopefully by this time our leather harvesting and leather processing will be done smoothly.

Managing Director of Dhaka Tannery Industrial Estate Weight Treatment Plant Company Limited Golam Shahnewaz said, we have prepared extensively for the Eid-ul-Azha. Besides, we have preparations throughout the year. Our Common Chrome Recovery Unit (CCRU) was closed for the last one year. But last February we introduced 50% of its chrome separation section. The remaining 50% will be operational within the next month.

He said, the overhauling that we do every year, during Qurbani, it is being done more extensively this year. From our EPS 1, 2 and 3 to Equation, Effluent Pumping Station and Thickening Tank we have prepared everything to increase our efficiency.

Dhaka Deputy Commissioner and District Magistrate Anisur Rahman said, Dhaka district administration has taken an exceptional initiative in preserving leather this year. Its main function is to make people aware. The district administration is distributing leaflets through the stalls of the two cities of Dhaka in coordination with BSCIC on 20 cow market. Rover Scouts, including our staff, are campaigning how to skin, how to salt.

He said that arrangements have also been made for the transportation of leather. In every hour the quality of the leather decreases. As a result, special measures have been taken at Posta so that the leather transporting vehicles do not have to be affected by traffic jams on the road, and the leather can reach the warehouse quickly. And in the leather industry city of Savar, in coordination with OCs and UNOs, measures have been taken to ensure that there is no traffic jam there.


Irrigation pumps will run on solar power: Prime Minister

Staff Correspondent,
Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina

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Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina said that the government wants to bring the country's irrigation system completely under solar power.

She said, I want to make the irrigation system completely dependent on solar power. This may require some investment initially, but will reduce costs in the long run.

The Prime Minister said this at the inauguration of the tree plantation program organized by the Bangladesh Krishak League at Ganabhaban on Saturday (June 15) and the prize distribution ceremony.

Stating that the government is subsidizing the power sector, the Prime Minister said that an excellent system has been invented. An umbrella equipped with solar panels will be placed over a well where rainwater will be stored. Irrigation will be done with solar energy.

She mentioned that a huge amount of land will not be wasted for introducing this system. She further said that currently solar panels are being manufactured and we can install solar panels in nearby villages for irrigation.

Sheikh Hasina said that the government will take the country towards industrialization by developing an agriculture-based economy. The Prime Minister called upon the leaders and workers of his party to play an important role in making Bangladesh green.

She called for planting saplings along river embankments, coastal areas, roadsides, rooftops and houses to strengthen the green movement.

Krishak League President Sameer Chand and Acting General Secretary Biswanath Sarkar also spoke on the occasion. Shamima Shahriar, joint general secretary of Krishak League, moderated the program.