'Sugar is no more sugar, it has become poison'

Rakib Hassan, Staff Correspondent, Barta24.com
Pic: Barta24.com

Pic: Barta24.com

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A few days later, the Muslim’s self-restraint month of Ramadan. At the end of the whole day of fasting, a glass of sherbet is supposed to refresh the spirit of the fasting people, but the price of sugar, the main ingredient for making sherbet, is now beyond the reach of consumers. In this, common people coming to the market to buy sugar saying "sugar is no longer sugar, it has become poison".

Yesterday, on the news of sudden increase in the price of sugar by Tk. 20 per kg, unscrupulous traders immediately tried to create an artificial crisis of sugar, and the Ministry of Commerce withdrew the decision at night.

A part of the wholesale traders said that they have to count the loss as the decision to raise the price of sugar suddenly and withdraw the price at night. Basically, on the news of price increase, the traders have ordered (DO) sugar at a higher price. Now that it has been decided to reduce the price again, the ordered sugar will have to be sold at a lower price.

At present, open sugar is sold at Tk. 140-142 per kg in the market, which was Tk. 125 last Ramadan and packaged sugar at Tk. 150-155.

On Friday (February 23), some retail markets in Mirpur saw white sugar being sold at Tk. 136-142 depending on the type.

Owner of Sultan Traders Abdur Rahman said that he is selling white sugar at Tk. 136-138 per kg. But it is losing him. As the reason, he said that he had bought a bag of sugar for Tk. 6,600 earlier, but suddenly yesterday afternoon, he had to buy it at a price of Tk. 80 to Tk. 150 more per bag. Then the price of that sugar fell again at night. He also complains about the labor cost per bag and sometimes less sugar in the bag.

Salim, the owner of Salim General Store, said that he bought sugar a few days ago for Tk. 6,600. In this his per kg sugar has fallen to Tk. 132. However, he bought two sacks of sugar for Tk. 6,850 without getting sugar due to the price increase; in this, sugar has fallen to Tk. 137 per kg. Shop rent, electricity bill, salary of employees etc will be added to this, making his expenses above Tk. 140 rupees. Now if you can't sell at a higher price then there is no way but to pay a loss. He complained that the prices of all kinds of products during Ramadan have already increased. Chickpeas were sold at Tk. 100 earlier but now they are being sold at Tk.104. But this gram was Tk. 80 last year, and sugar was Tk. 120.

A visit to the wholesale sugar markets in Mirpur revealed that there was some control over the supply of sugar from the mills due to the sudden increase in the price of sugar. But the mills are taking orders again at night. Businessmen are in a panic. So many traders are waiting and releasing sugar little by little.

Tajul Islam, manager of Momin Banizya Bitan, said that sugar was sold at a high price until 6 pm yesterday. On the news of price hike, sugar started selling at higher prices. But today I am selling for Tk. 6800 to Tk. 6850.

Also, Tanmoy Traders, Farooq Traders, Momin Traders did not order today at an additional rate of Tk. 6780.

Meanwhile, the price of sugar in Moulvibazar increased by at least Tk. 50-100 per bag yesterday. Besides, many traders are not getting sugar even after ordering. They said that when a vehicle is sent to bring sugar, the transport sits at the mill gate for two or three days. Tk. 2000 per day as demurrage has to be paid. This then feeds into the price of sugar. If the goods were available immediately then the sugar would have been available even less.

Hasibur Rahman, an official of a private organization, has come to the market to prepare for the upcoming Shabe -barat and Ramadan market. He said that a kind of game has already started with the price of sugar before Ramadan. In our country, if there is any problem, a part of the businessmen suddenly increase the price without thinking about the people, just for the sake of extra profit. Sugar which was Tk. 115-120 last year is now Tk. 140-155 . Sugar no longer feels like sugar, it feels like poison. The rise in commodity prices has now become a thorn in the neck. So the government should pay close attention to the market so that common people don't suffer during Ramadan.


Parimoni has been summoned to appear in court

Special Correspondent, Barta24.com, Dhaka
Photo: Collected

Photo: Collected

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The court has issued a summons to the plaintiff businessman Nasiruddin Mahmud to appear in the court in the case of attempted murder in the case against the popular and criticized actress Parimani. At the same time the accused Junaid Bogdadi Jimmy asked to appear in court.

Dhaka Senior Judicial Magistrate M Saiful Islam gave this order on Thursday (April 18). Nasiruddin, the plaintiff in the case, had applied for the issuance of an arrest warrant against Parimoni.

The plaintiff's lawyer Abul Kalam Mohammad Sohail gave this information.

Earlier, the investigation officer of the case, police inspector Monir Hossain filed a report in the Dhaka Chief Judicial Magistrate's Court stating that the allegation of beating and intimidation against Parimoni and her costume designer Junaid Bogdadi Jimmy alias Jim was found to be true.

However, the report mentions that the allegations against another accused, Fatema Tuz Jannat Boni, were found to be true.

Businessman Nasiruddin filed the case in court on July 6, 2022.

In the statement of the case, it is said that Parimoni and her associates are alcoholics. Taking advantage of the opportunity, they entered various famous clubs and drink alcohol and do not pay the price with the parcel. Parimoni threatened harassment by filing false cases with police officials she knew. On June 9, 2021, after 12 midnight, the accused entered Savar's Boat Club and used the washroom on the second floor.

Later they sat inside the club and drank alcohol. When the plaintiff and his accomplice Shah Shahidul Alam were leaving the club at around 1.30 am, Parimoni purposefully called the plaintiff Nasiruddin and requested him to sit with them for some time. At one point Parimoni tried to lure Nasiruddin through obscene gestures and pressured the plaintiff to give the parcel a bottle of Blue Label alcohol free of charge.

As the plaintiff did not agree to this, Parimoni insulted the plaintiff. During an altercation between the plaintiff and the accused, Paramoni threw a serving glass at the plaintiff and also threw the mobile phone in his hand. Nasiruddin was injured in the head and chest. Parimoni and her accomplices beat up and threatened to kill Nasiruddin and vandalized him. 


"During the rule of BNP, the country had food shortage, now it is self-sufficient"

Staff Correspondent, Barta24.com
Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina

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The country has become self-sufficient in food under the present government. And Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina mentioned that there was a food shortage during the BNP.

She said, we will produce our own meal. Along with food security, the government will also ensure nutritional security.

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina said this while attending a function organized at the old trade fair ground in Sher Bangla Nagar at 10 am on Thursday (April 18).

The Prime Minister said, when I formed the government in 1996, I saw a shortage of 40 lakh metric tons of food. In this condition we started the journey. There was not much reserve money then. There was a food crisis in Asia. Our aim was, we are not going to touch anyone. I will grow my own crops.

Stating that there was a shortage of food in the country during the BNP, the Prime Minister said that during the BNP we had to depend on other countries for food. Their thinking was to make the country dependent. But we came back from that situation after coming to power. Now Bangladesh is self-sufficient in food.


One arrested on charges of tourist rape in Inani, Cox's Bazar

Staff Correspondent, Barta24.com, Cox’s Bazar
Photo: Collected

Photo: Collected

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A young tourist was raped at Inani Beach in Cox's Bazar. In this incident, the police arrested the accused Mohammad Nizam (44).

The victim is a resident of Ibrahimpur area of Kafrul, Dhaka. And the accused Nizam is the son of Shamsul Haque of South Kadamtali of Ward No. 7 of Narayanganj City Corporation. Earlier, on April 15, the young woman went on a trip from Dhaka to Cox's Bazar with another girlfriend.

The officer-in-charge (OC) of Ukhia police station confirmed the truth of the incident. Shamim Hossain said, "The accused Nizam has been arrested by the police. The victim was examined at Cox's Bazar Sadar Hospital on Wednesday afternoon. In the evening she left for Dhaka. In this incident, on Wednesday, the victim, the young woman, said at the Ukhia police station. A case has been filed against Nizam under the Prevention of Women and Children Act.

According to the statement of the case, the plaintiff went to Cox's Bazar from Dhaka on April 15 with a girlfriend. She got up to room 402 on the ground floor of 'Rose' Cottage at La Bella Resort on Inani Beach in Ukhia. Mohammad Nizam, a person known a month ago, came with them. He went to room 401 next door. Nizam was the previous acquaintance of the girlfriend who accompanied the plaintiff in the case. On Tuesday (April 16) around 11:30 am, the girlfriend went to the beach. Plaintiff was staying in room no.402 due to headache. Around 12:30 PM, Nizam entered the room, closed the door and raped her. Nizam ran away when the hotel people came forward on her self-scream. After calling 999 number of emergency service, the police of Ukhia police station reached the spot and rescued the plaintiff. Next police raided Inani area and arrested the accused Nazim.

Ariful Islam, the manager of La Bella Resort, said, "On April 15, Md. Nizam came to the resort at noon. Nizam rented two AC rooms. Two women went to room number 402. Nizam went to room 401 next door. Nizam introduced the two young women as cousins. Before the police reached the spot, no one told them about the rape of the young woman in the resort room. 


Gaibandha Jail authority accused of stripping and torturing female prisoners

District Correspondent, Barta24.com, Gaibandha
Photo: Collected

Photo: Collected

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Inside the Gaibandha District Jail, a female inmate was allegedly tortured by a prison guard after she stripped another woman of her clothes and tied her hands and feet for 'seeing illegal activities'. In order to keep the incident a secret, threats of death and disgrace are being given. The incident is being investigated after the complaint.

The victim is an under trail prisoner (UTP), 34 of Chou Pukuria village of Birganj upazila of Dinajpur district. She has been in Gaibandha jail for almost 5 years in a drug case.

Describing the horrific incident inside the Gaibandha District Jail, the mother of the victim utp has filed a written complaint with the Deputy Commissioner of Gaibandha to take better medical care, necessary measures to save life and dignity and to take legal action against the torturers. A copy of that complaint has been received by Barta24.com.

The accused in the incident are Gaibandha Jail Chief Warden (Subedar) Ashraful Islam and female inmate Meghla Khatun. Apart from this, the other accused are female prisoners Rehena and Alefah. Prison guards Tahmina, Shabana, CID Anees and Habildar Mustafa.

In the complaint given to the Deputy Commissioner on April 16, it is mentioned that UTP (34) has been in Gaibandha District Jail for almost 5 years in a case. A few days ago, during his stay in the jail, Subedar Ashraful Islam, who was working in Gaibandha District Jail, "saw illegal activities" between another female inmate. Because of this, Subedar Ashraful and the female inmate became angry with the victim and if she told anyone about the incident, they started showing fear and threats that she would be killed by suicide or died of heart attack inside the prison. It is alleged that the victim UTP repeatedly told them (Subedar Ashraful and the female inmate) not to tell anyone about the incident, but Subedar Ashraful and the female inmate were allegedly mentally torturing the victim in various ways inside the jail.

Apart from this, Subedar Ashraful tried to molest the victim several times by pulling her hands and her clothes, teasing her with bad proposals on different dates and times to hold her hostage. After failing to fulfill the wishes of Subedar Ashraful despite various temptations, her associates called the victim UTP’s husband to Gaibandha Jail. It is mentioned in the complaint that the accused broke up the family of the victim UTP by giving false and offensive information against her.

When the victim Hajti informed the Jail Superintendent about these incidents, Subedar Ashraful claimed that the Jailer is his man, he (Subedar) has transferred the Jailer to this jail by spending his own money. The district showed intimidation and threats claiming that he (Subedar) could not be prosecuted. At one point in the afternoon of March 20 this year, under the leadership of Subedar Ashraful, women prisoners Meghla Khatun, Rehena, Alefah and prison guards Tahmina and Sabana systematically beat Seema with sticks on her head, waist, chest, back, knees of both legs and other parts of her body in the inner balcony of the women's unit of the district jail. . Female inmate Meghla allegedly bit the victim's right arm and tore off the flesh.

Not only that, Subedar Ashraful, CID Anis and Habildar Mostafa gong entered the women's unit of the jail, dragged the victim out from the balcony of the women's unit, took her inside the cell, put on handcuffs and tied both her legs with a rope and stripped her naked with a stick on the sensitive parts of her body (two thighs). ), began to beat on the feet. At that time, the torturers threatened once again that if any of these incidents were revealed outside the prison, the victim UTP would be beaten to death and claimed to have died of a heart attack.

The complaint also mentioned that the mother of the victim UTP went to Gaibandha Jail several times to meet her daughter but was not allowed to meet her daughter. Finally, when the victim went to the court on the date of court appearance, the mother met the daughter. On that day, the victim UTP gave a harrowing account of the incident to the mother and showed the marks of injuries on various parts of the body.

When asked about these allegations, Ashraful Islam, the alleged chief Warden of Gaibandha District Jail, told Barta24.com on mobile phone, "I am not involved in the matter." I don't know why my name is coming up. The incident was a month ago. He claimed that the incident was during the duty of Mustafa, another chief Warden here. But I don't know why my name is there.

Barta24.com could not get his statement even though the current prison guard mentioned the name of the previous chief prison guard, Mustafa.

When asked about the complaint, the other accused female prison guard Tahmina Akhtar told Barta24.com on mobile phone that the complaint is completely false. Allegations have been made stating the opposite of what happened that day. At that time, he claimed that this prisoner made these false allegations with the help of a female prison guard named Arefin and her husband.

Besides, this prisoner is accused in several cases and in most cases there are several complaints and cases against him for raising hands on the administration. Jailer Tahmina also claimed that a woman named Shabana raised her hand on the Jailer on the day of the incident.

Javed Mehdi, Jail superintendent of Gaibandha prison, told Barta24.com that the ADM came to investigate yesterday. A report is being prepared against everyone involved in the incident.

In response to a question, he said that a matter has arisen between the parties and the opposition regarding the inside of the prison which cannot be said over the phone. However, action is being taken against everyone involved in the incident.

Additional District Magistrate (ADM) Md. Moshiur Rahman told Barta24.com that I investigated the matter after receiving the complaint. I will submit the investigation report to the Deputy Commissioner very soon. After that, the District Administration will take necessary action against those involved.