Ma's return to China supports softening tone toward private sector

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Alibaba founder Jack Ma Yun has returned to China, ending a stay overseas of more than a year that the industry viewed as reflecting the somber mood of private businesses.

This eventually spurred new Premier Li Qiang to reach out to Ma.

Alibaba's shares saw an initial rise of up to 2.3 percent following news of Ma's return, but they eventually closed at HK$85.25, slightly lower than the previous trading day.

The return of China's best-known entrepreneur may help quell concerns of its private sector.

His reemergence in public offers support for the government's softening tone as leaders try to shore up an economy battered by three years of Covid curbs.

During a school visit, Ma - a former English teacher - discussed topics such as AI-powered chatbot ChatGPT and said he hoped to return to teaching one day, the Yungu School said on its WeChat account.

The school was founded by Ma and other Alibaba founders in his home city of Hangzhou in 2017.

Ma was also seen in a car in Hangzhou talking with Alibaba chief executive Daniel Zhang and senior vice president Shao Xiaofeng.

Ma returned to China last week, two sources said.

Before that Ma said he had retreated from his companies to focus on researching agriculture technology. And he told Ant and Alibaba executives not to obsess over his return to China, stressing that he is committed to their success even at a distance, people familiar with the situation said.

Earlier, another Chinese billionaire entrepreneur, Richard Liu Qiangdong, founder of, returned to China from the United States. Li has also voiced "unwavering support" for the private sector.

Premier Li, during the National People's Congress meetings, said: "There was an incorrect discourse that led to concerns among private entrepreneurs last year. [Regulators] shouldn't be only stepping on the brakes and not the gas."

Li had recognized Ma's return to the mainland could help boost business confidence among entrepreneurs and since late last year had reportedly begun asking Ma to return.

Some of these efforts involved asking people close to Ma, such as his business associates, to persuade the Alibaba founder in person while he was living in Japan.

Ma's return "boosts the sentiment of the broader platform and internet industry," said Zhang Zihua chief investment officer at Beijing Yunyi Asset Management.



"Responsibility should be shown in the exercise of power"

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President Md. Shahabuddin urging upon the judges to take care not to abuse the power said, 'Power and responsibility are closely related. Power must be exercised to perform duties. Again, responsibility should be shown in the exercise of power.

He said this at the opening ceremony of the two-day conference titled 'Constitutional Courts of South Asia in the 21st Century: Lessons from Bangladesh and India' at the Inner Court Yard of the Supreme Court on Friday (February 23) at noon.

Addressing the judges, President Md.Sahabuddin said, "The rule of law and justice must be ensured by being responsible to the country and the people and the constitution."

The head of state expressed hope that "judicial candidates will get justice in the shortest possible time at very low cost and the judges will ensure justice through their talent and thoughtfulness."

Stating that the judiciary must participate in the overall development and prosperity of the country, the President said, "The government is strongly committed to ensure the transparency, efficiency and accountability of the judiciary."

President Sahabuddin mentioned, 'Bangladesh Supreme Court started its journey on December 18, 1972 and since its inception it has been working to protect basic human rights of people, establish rule of law and provide justice to justice seekers in a short time.'

He said, "On August 15, 1975, the anti-independence forces captured the state power by killing the father of the nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, the dreamer of Sonar Bangla and his family. But the Supreme Court did not allow the blueprint of the conspirators to be implemented. The Bangladesh Supreme Court declared the 5th and 7th amendments of the constitution illegal and established the democratic rights of the people of the country.

The Head of State respectfully recalled the role of the judges and lawyers of the Supreme Court who never surrendered to the barrel of a gun and never sold their conscience.

He said that Bangladesh and India, as two friendly countries in South Asia, have crossed a unique path in their respective journeys to establish the rule of law, develop democracy and protect constitutional continuity. President said that both Bangladesh and India have witnessed instances where the Judiciary has intervened to protect the rights of marginalized communities, uphold the principles of environmental sustainable development and good governance.

Referring to India as our closest neighbor and friendly country, President Sahabuddin expressed sincere thanks and gratitude on behalf of the people of Bangladesh for India's cooperation and solidarity in the Liberation War in 1971.

He said that since independence, bilateral and diplomatic relations between Bangladesh and India are gradually expanding in various sectors including trade and investment. He opined that the judicial departments, judges and people of both countries can benefit by exchanging experience and training programs between the judicial departments, judges and related officials of the two countries.

The President also asked the Constitutional Courts of Bangladesh and India to focus on issues such as de-cluttering cases, access to justice and judicial accountability, as well as taking concerted steps for the development of the judiciary.

He said that judges and people of both countries can benefit by exchanging experience and training programs between judges and related officers of the two countries.

Sahabuddin said that Chief Justice of India Dr. Dhananjay Jaswant Chandrachud attended this international conference and gave international multi-dimensionality to the conference.

The President welcomed all the guests including the judges of Supreme Court of India and Kolkata High Court. Bangladesh achieved through the liberation war is now a role model of development in the world. He urged everyone to work together to build a happy and prosperous Bangladesh by continuing this trend of development.

Bangladesh Chief Justice Obaidul Hasan, Chief Justice of India Dr. Dhananjay Jaswant Chandrachud, Law Minister Anisul Haque, Attorney General Abu Mohammad Amin Uddin, President of Supreme Court Bar Association Momtaz Uddin Fakir and Appellate Division Justice Borhan Uddin.  Spoke in the event.

Besides, retired Chief Justice, judges of both divisions of Bangladesh Supreme Court, judges of Supreme Court of India and Kolkata High Court, leaders of Supreme Court Bar Association, members of Parliament and learned lawyers were also present. 


US spacecraft on lunar surface after half a century

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After more than 50 years, the US spacecraft landed on the lunar surface again. The spacecraft, sent by a Houston-based company, landed on the lunar surface on Thursday (February 22) local time.

According to the news agency Reuters report, this lunar flight conducted by commercial spacecraft was funded by the US space research organization NASA. The mission aims to pave the way for sending astronauts to the moon by the end of this decade.

According to the report, on Thursday (February 22) at 6:23 pm local time, the 'Intuitive Machine' landed its hexagonal robot 'Odysseus' on the south pole of the Moon.

Earlier, a US company's lunar mission failed last month. This raises questions about the ability of private organizations to conduct lunar missions. Finally, in 1972, NASA successfully conducted the Apollo 17 mission to the moon.

Scott Pace, director of George Washington University's Space Policy Institute, told AFP the US is trying to rebuild its lunar capabilities after decades of absence.

Pace, a former member of the National Space Council of the United States, also said, "It is sometimes said that we have done it (successful lunar mission) in the past; Why can't I now? Every generation has to learn how to do this campaign.


Biden meets Navalny's wife and daughter

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US President Joe Biden met the wife and daughter of Alexei Navalny, a staunch critic of President Vladimir Putin, who died in a Russian prison.

The White House said that the meeting was held on Thursday (February 22) local time.

The US President met with Navalny's wife Yulia and his daughter Dasha Navalnya and expressed his sincere condolences for their terrible loss. Biden called the slain Navalny a man of incredible courage.

Speaking to reporters, Biden reiterated that Washington was planning to impose broad sanctions on Russia and its president, Vladimir Putin, over Navalny's death.

According to a White House statement, Biden confirmed that the new ban will be announced this Friday.

During the meeting, the US President praised Alexei Navalny for his extraordinary courage and fight against corruption and his fight for a free and democratic Russia, the statement said.

Meanwhile, Navalny's mother, Lyudmila Navalnaya, said Thursday that Russian authorities were trying to force her to bury Navalny in secret.

US National Security Council spokesman John Kirby told reporters that Russian authorities should return Navalny's body to his mother. So that he can properly bury his son.

Navalny has been in prison since 2021. The opposition leader had been in solitary confinement in a prison (penal colony) in northern Siberia since late last year. Last Friday (February 16), prison authorities said that 47-year-old Navalny died in prison. Various reports have been heard about his dead body. His body has been sent to the morgue for autopsy, according to the jail authorities. But Navalny's party said they found no body at the morgue.


Asif Zardari set to be the president of Pakistan again, PTI lost the game

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After 2013, Asif Ali Zardari, co-chairman of Pakistan People's Party (PPP), the former president of the country, is going to be the president again for the second time. Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) and PPP finalized such a decision in a midnight meeting on Tuesday (February 20). The PML-N-PPP gave the information on Wednesday (February 21) after the consensus.

This information has been reported by the Pakistani media Dawn and news agency AFP.

According to the report, Pakistan, which is plagued with economic tension, is almost bankrupt. As of January 26, the country's reserves were only 8.21 billion dollars. By the end of the year, the global debt will be 7 billion dollars.

The report also says that Shehbaz Sharif, the younger brother of Pakistan's former prime minister and PML-N leader Nawaz Sharif, is going to be the country's prime minister. Shehbaz became the prime minister in 2022 after ousting popular leader and former prime minister Imran Khan. The Sharifs are one of the Pakistani families that have ruled Pakistan for decades. On the other hand, Khan's party Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) is set to lose to the alliance despite getting more votes.

Asif Ali Zardari was born in 1955 into a prominent Baloch family of the Nawabshah of Sindh. His political career began in 1987. Zardari was also jailed for several years on corruption charges. He was married to a prominent political family of Pakistan. His wife Benazir Bhutto was the daughter of the former Prime Minister of the country. who herself later became the prime minister. A year after their marriage, Benazir Bhutto assumed the post of prime minister in 1987. Pakistan's first woman prime minister.

The same year, Zardari began his own political career as a member of the National Assembly. While prime minister, Bhutto invited Ali Zardari to join his administration as Pakistan's minister of Investment and Environment which created a lot of controversy. The opposition accused Zardari of widespread corruption during his time in the cabinet. He was also accused of embezzling public funds. Since then, due to corruption and scandal, he was called 'Mr. 'Ten Percent' is given the title. In other words, without 10 percent commissions, he would not advance a step forward. Both the opposition and government investigators alleged that Zardari had smuggled hundreds of millions of dollars out of the country. He was in jail from 1997 to 2004, although the charges were not proved.

Before 2007, Ali Zardari was not a well-known face outside of Pakistan. But after militants killed his wife, Zardari's name came to the international stage. After the death of Benazir Bhutto, he was easily elected to the presidency in 2008, gaining public sympathy. But his journey to higher political power was once again marred by controversy and allegations of widespread corruption. He has repeatedly faced allegations of misconduct and corruption in his political career. However, nothing was proved in court. He is also known as a shrewd political leader. Last year Dawn reported that Asif Ali Zardari is undoubtedly one of the most intelligent political figures in the country.

During his tenure as president, he signed two bills to provide harsher punishments for various crimes against women. The first bill called for severe punishment for forcibly marrying women under various customs and depriving them of their rightful inheritance. The second bill demands stricter punishment for those involved in acid attacks.