Awami League’s heavyweight candidates may lose their seats in alliance games!

Searajul Islam Siraj, Special Correspondent,


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Awami League's heavyweight candidates can also lose their constituencies in the grand coalition equation. It is said that the alliance maker is going to give concessions to the senior leaders of the Jatiya Party by rearranging the seats.

Those whose seats are being discussed are the State Minister for Relief Enamur Rahman elected from Dhaka-19 (Savar). KM Rahmatullah elected from Dhaka-11 (Bada, Rampura and Bhatara)Dr. Md. Ali Arafat elected from Dhaka-17. There are strong rumors of the seats being ceded to the Jatiya Party as part of a secret deal.

Jatiya Party co-chairman and former minister Kazi Feroze Rashid was elected from Dhaka-6 (Wari-Gendaria-Sutrapur) constituency in the past 10th and 11th Jatiya Sangsad (JS). Now Awami League is unwilling to give up that seat. Awami League wants to field former mayor Saeed Khokon in that seat. As part of the compromise, discussions are going on regarding the selection of Feroze Rashid from Savar. Kazi Feroz Rashid's garden house is located at Kabirpur in Savar.

Complications have also arisen over the seat of Salma Islam MP, the co-chairman of the Jatiya Party and the chairman of the Jamuna Group, a famous donor of the party. Salma Islam MP's seat Dhaka-1 (Dohar-Nawabganj) has been in a tug-of-war since the 2018 election. Beximco Group chairman Salman F Rahman was elected MP after defeating Salma Islam in that election. Later, Salma Islam became an MP in reserved quota. This time discussion is going on about Dhaka-11 seat as an alternative for Salma Islam where Jamuna Group Head Office and Jamuna Future Park are located. KM Rahmatullah is the current JS member of that seat.

Complications have also been reported regarding the seats of Senior Co-Chairman Barrister Anisul Islam Mahmud, Co-Chairman Former Secretary General ABM Ruhul Amin Howlader. Senior Co-Chairman Barrister Anisul Islam Mahmud has been elected MP from Chattogram-5 Constituency in the past few parliaments. Awami League does not want to leave that seat for various reasons. There is a heavyweight candidate, former Zilla Parishad chairman MA Salam. Former JP General Secretary ABM Ruhul Amin Howladar was elected from Patuakhali-1 constituency in 2014. Despite the secret agreement in 2018, there remained the Awami League candidate. And Ruhul Amin Howladar was defeated. Awami League's organizing secretary Afzal Hossain was elected MP in the by-election held recently in that seat.

Apart from complications with Awami League, there are still some crises in Jatiya Party's internal affairs. The crisis of Rowshan Ershad's preferred candidates in the government's good book. Jatiya Party Chairman GM Quader is unwilling to give concessions to pro-Rowshan leaders. Hussain Muhammad Ershad has repeatedly been elected MP from Jatiya Party stronghold Rangpur-3 constituency. After Ershad's death, Rowshan's son Rahgir Al Mahi Saad Ershad was elected MP from the seat. Party chairman GM Quader is keen on the election to the seat. On the other hand, Rowshan Ershad is also determined to keep his son. There was a tug of war over the issue during the by-elections as well. Dhaka-17 (Gulshan, Baridhara and Cantonment) constituencies have been kept on the negotiation table as part of the compromise. From here he won in 2008 as a candidate of Grand Alliance. The current chairman of the party may vacate the seat.

The issue of seat compromise is going on with strict secrecy. A high-level team is said to be working on it. Jatiya Party Secretary General Mujibul Haque Chunnu told that the matter is neither completely true nor false. I can't comment more than that at the moment.

In addition to these constituencies of senior leaders, there is a severe crisis of confidence among Jatiya Party leaders. Jatiya Party feels that Awami League has not kept any of its promises in the elections of 2008, 2014 and 2018. They have been wronged in many ways. From by-elections, upazila parishads to unions, concessions were not given anywhere. JP candidates have been forced withdraw many times. For that reason, they have considerable doubts about how much they will keep their promises this time. That's why Jatiya Party wants to make sure first and then make a decision. They want to be sure by any means so that Awami League can no longer break its promises.

The schedule of the 12th JS elections was announced on November 15. Jatiya Party wants to think about the election question. Want to delay and see if anything else happens. The party is also keeping an eye on the running of America in particular. Despite selling nomination forms, the party is still stepping on both sides. Many are seeing signs of the 2014 election. Hussain Muhammad Ershad suddenly announced his withdrawal from the election after filing his nomination in 2014. But 87 candidates under the leadership of Rowshan remained in the election despite disobeying that order. Rowshan Ershad announced to participate in the election this time.


Several rivals in each seat, party candidates are worried

District Correspondent,,Patuakhali
photo: Collected

photo: Collected

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There was an idea among many leaders and activists that he would become an MP if he got the nomination from Awami League in the 12th Jatiya Sangsad (JS) election. But that thinking has changed on November 26 through an announcement made by Prime Minister and Awami League President Sheikh Hasina at Gana Bhavan.

Many Awami League leaders are expressing their intention to contest the upcoming poll. The Prime Minister during the exchange of views with the Awami League aspirants declaring that there is no restriction on contesting as an independent candidate and no decision will be taken against them on a party basis.

The organizing secretary of the central Awami League Advocate Afzal Hossain has got party nomination.

However, several sources have confirmed that several leaders associated with Awami League politics are participating in the election as independent candidates in Patuakhali-1 (Sadar Upazila, Dumki Upazila, Mirzaganj Upazila).

Among them, Patuakhali District Awami League Vice President Patuakhali Sadar Upazila and former chairman of Patuakhali Pourashava Bir Muktijoddha Adv. Sultan Ahmed Mridha. Former Chairman of Patuakhali Sadar Upazila and General Secretary of Patuakhali Poura Awami League Adv. Tarikuzzaman Moni. Tarikuzzaman Moni is the second son of Patuakhali-1 MP late Shahjahan Mia.

When asked about this, Adv. Sultan Ahmed Mridha said, I do not want to vote against the boat. But there is pressure from my leaders and activists and well-wishers for me to participate in the elections. They may have to participate in elections to keep their word. However, no final decision has been made yet.

Apart from this, Jatiya Party Co-Chairman Patuakhali-1 Constituency former Member of Parliament ABM Ruhul Amin Howladar is participating in the election from this constituency. Nomination papers have been collected from Patuakhali District Senior Election Officer's office on November 27.

Awami League's nomination for Patuakhali 2 (Bauphal) seat is the seven-time Member of Parliament Bauphal Upazila Awami League President, former Chief Whip ASM Feroze.

Prominent industrialist Hasibur Rahman Talukder is rumored to be the leader of the election as an independent candidate from this seat. He also wanted the nomination of Awami League in the 12th national election. Besides, he was also active in various political activities of Awami League in the last few years.

Present member of Parliament SM Shazhada has received Awami League's nomination from Patuakhali-3 Constituency. Although SM Shahzada is not very rich in the field of politics of Awami League, he is known in the country's politics as the nephew of former CEC KM Nurul Huda.

Former army officer Lieutenant General Md. Abul Hossain is going to participate in the election as an independent candidate from this seat. He expected Awami League's party nomination this time.

Current Member of Parliament Mohibbur Rahman Mohib has been nominated by Awami League for Patuakhali-4 Constituency (Kalapara Upazila-Rangabali Upazila).

Kalapara Upazila Awami League president Mahbubur Rahman Talukder is going to contest as an independent candidate from this seat. A social media campaign has already started about him.

Abdullah Al Islam Liton, son of the late Member of Parliament of this constituency Anwarul Islam, is in discussion. Apart from this, the current chairman of Rangbali upazila Zahiruddin has collected nomination papers to participate in the election as an independent candidate.

Awami League's nominated leaders are worried about the participation of independent candidates in the election.

Many are worried that due to fair voting, the calculation of votes may be changed in many constituencies. Ordinary voters think that the mood of the election can be returned to some extent by this strategy of Awami League. As a result, the importance of ordinary voters will increase in the election field.

However, in such a situation, many people think that the internal conflict of the party can be strengthened again.

Abdur Rahim, a resident of Kalatala area of Patuakhali town, said, "The election has been scheduled and the nomination papers are being filed, but people are not getting any heat from the election." But on the 26th, when the Prime Minister announced that independent candidates can contest the election, the situation changed a bit. Many are discussing the election. If the vote environment is good, let's go to the center to vote.


The importance of the Jatiya Party has decreased!

Serjul Islam Siraj, Special Correspondent,
photo: Barta24

photo: Barta24

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Has the necessity of Jatiya Party, partner in 2008, 2014 and 2018 elections, decreased to Awami League? Faithful companion Raushan Ershad is not getting much response from the government.

Such discussions are being whispered among the senior leaders of the Jatiya Party about the flow of events for several days. They said that Raushan Ershad is not getting the schedule even after asking for the meeting time of the Prime Minister for several days. Apart from the meeting issue, there is not much interest visible from the government's side in seat compromise. Due to this, many people have started moving from their previous position on the election question. They think that those who come out of the BNP alliance may be given more priority.

Many senior leaders do not see any point in going to the polls without securing seats. The pressure is increasing on GM Quader to withdraw from the election. Many people think that there will be no surprise if the announcement of withdrawing from the election comes suddenly like in 2014.

Raushan Ershad, who has been the leader of the opposition in two consecutive parliaments, has given full support to all the issues of the government. Raushan even walked outside the Jatiya Party's decision regarding the 12th Jatiyo Sangsad(JS) elections. While party chairman GM Quader was against elections under Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, Raushan was on the opposite side. That's why her expectations are very high.

The Raushan camp thought that the 12th JS elections will be held by Raushan as in 2014 and 2018. In those two elections, Raushan Ershad's blessings were elected as MPs. Raushan's blessing is necessary to become an MP. That is why many senior leaders who are with GM Quader are also secretly maintaining contact with Raushan.

Raushan's followers had a firm belief that Chairman GM Quader would not be able to facilitate even if he were to take any drastic action on the party's leadership question. An example of which has been seen in the context of the issue of the leader of the opposition. That's why the followers of Raushan have remained independent about the nomination of Jatiya Party and the upcoming elections. But frustration started to build as Raushan Ershad's followers were kept out of the nominations.

They have been running for days. In addition to trying to meet the Prime Minister, she continues to talk to various agencies of the government, but there is not much response from anywhere. Their thought was that if the GM Quader goes to the hard line, they will declare a separate party. Their desire to form a separate party is now dying on the ground but still unwilling to give up. Hoping for a miracle, the Jatiya Party will go to the polls under Raushan's leadership. And the Raushan nominated candidates will be elected as MPs on the green signal of the government. However, the Jatiya Party has not nominated any of them.

Jatiya Sangsad Opposition Chief Whip Mashiur Rahman Ranga MP said on Tuesday (November 28), something miraculous can happen in the Jatiya Party. On the other hand, Raushan Ershad's political secretary Golam Masih said, Madam (Raushan Ershad) will meet the Prime Minister. Talk to her and then make the next decision. Raushan Ershad is thinking of staying out of the election if necessary.

Not only the Raushan camp but also the GM Quader camp is said to be growing frustrated. Before the announcement of the schedule, there was pressure on them to go to the elections in various ways. It is said that 60 seats were demanded by GM Quader, and Awami League agreed to give 40 seats. Suddenly, many people are seeing the tide of the discussion. Especially when Awami League announced candidates for 298 seats, many people were disappointed. Many senior leaders thought that Awami League would give up their seats like in 2014 or 2018. And in a vacant field without the BNP, they will easily win and go to parliament. Now they are afraid to fight with Awami League candidates.

Senior Co-Chairman Barrister Anisul Islam Mahmud MP, Co-Chairman, Former Secretary General ABM Ruhul Amin Howladar, Kazi Feroz Rashid MP, Syed Abu Hossain Babla MP and many other leaders have now decided to withdraw from the election. Some of them are saying to the chairman that the election will be rigged and there is no point in going here. Our candidates cannot stand up to Awami League candidates.

Sources said that along with GM Quader's proposal of 60 seats, Raushan has also given a separate proposal on the issue of seat compromise. Raushan Ershad met the Prime Minister before announcing the election schedule and submitted the list of 35 possible members of Parliament. However, the Prime Minister has urged for a combined list.

Jatiya Party Secretary General Mujibul Haque Chunnu said last week that the matter is not completely true, nor is it false.

The list of Jatiya Party candidates was released on November 27, leaving 11 seats vacant including the Mymensingh-4 (Sadar) seat of Raushan Ershad MP. Raushan Ershad is upset over son Saad Ershad MP's nomination of GM Quader in Rangpur-3 constituency.

Apart from the party conflict, there is a crisis of confidence of Jatiya Party leaders in the government. Jatiya Party feels that Awami League has not kept any of its promises in the elections of 2008, 2014 and 2018. They have been wronged in many ways. From by-elections, upazila parishads to unions, concessions were not given anywhere. JP candidates have been forced to sit many times. For that reason, they have considerable doubts about how much they will keep their promises this time. That is why the Jatiya Party wants to confirm the division first and then make a decision. They want to be sure by any means so that Awami League can no longer break its promises. On the other hand, many have commented that the government is not able to fully trust the GM Quader.


Miracles can happen in Jatiya Party: Ranga

Special Correspondent,, Dhaka


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Opposition Chief Whip Mashiur Rahman Ranga MP feels that something miraculous can happen in Jatiya Party(JP).

Jatiya Party announced candidates for 289 seats, but Raushan Ershad and none of her followers were nominated. Raushan's followers reacted strongly after the release of the list.

On Tuesday (November 28) at noon, the senior leaders held a meeting at the residence of opposition leader Raushan Ershad. While leaving the meeting, Ranga hints that something miracle is about to happen.

He said, madam (Raushan Ershad) is in the same position as before. If she and her fellow leaders are not nominated, will not go to the polls. As many as 30-32 candidates who have left and qualified have been excluded. Raushan Ershad will not go to the polls without them. Stay away from elections if necessary.

In response to a question, he said, the discussion is going on, there can be a miracle. What GM Quader has done is unprecedented. Sitting MP has picked up the nomination form for Saad Ershad's seat. My niece went to pick up the party nomination form without showing him even the slightest courtesy.

He said, I will go to the constituency (Gangachara) tomorrow. If the people want, I will contest as an independent candidate.

In response to a question, he said, I was elected as the Secretary General of the Jatiya Party through the council. He undemocratically removed me from office. It is duplicitous to talk about democracy and not practicing democracy within your own party. This duplicity is the cause of the present state of the Jatiya Party.

List of candidates of Jatiya Party has been published leaving 11 seats vacant including Mymensingh-4 (Sadar) seat of Raushan Ershad MP. Jatiya Party Secretary General Mujibul Haque Chunnu has said that the seat has been kept vacant in respect of Raushan Ershad, the chief patron of the party, who did not take the party nomination form. 


Quader's comments creates discomfort in 14 parties: What angry Menon said

Ashraful Islam, Planning Editor,, Dhaka
Pic: Collected

Pic: Collected

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'I am with a party, I am in a coalition, there is no guarantee that I will win if I participate in the elections' - before the 12th national parliament elections, the main partner of the coalition and the general secretary of the ruling party Awami League, Obaidul Quader, leaders of the partners reacted angrily to the media at Quader’s comments.

BNP's adamant stance of not participating in the polls on the eve of the election, Raushan-Quader's open conflict in the Jatiya Party, western pressure etc. among various issues, this tension in the 14-party alliance is signaling a new crisis in politics. Rashed Khan Menon, president of Bangladesh Workers Party, one of the partners of the 14-party alliance, told on Tuesday about his party's position.

On the question of whether there is any dispute in the 14-party alliance on the question of going to the polls as an alliance, he said, 'There is no difference, we have said from the beginning that we have to discuss. But (the ruling Awami League) is not discussing, it has created a kind of uncertainty.

Regarding the recent speech of Awami League General Secretary on the need for a 14-party alliance, Rashed Khan Menon said, 'It is an irresponsible statement. The General Secretary of Awami League has said, and then we should say... a kind of confusion has been created in his speech.'

Highlighting the Bangladesh Workers Party's position on participation in the elections, the party President said, "Preparations are underway." I will participate in the election. How to do it has not been decided yet. Awami League, the main party of the alliance, if they are not united and then it is their business, not ours.

We are thinking every day that they will discuss it. They are not negotiating; it has created a kind of uncertainty. I think, in the question of the unity of 14 parties... the election is not the last word. The matter before and after the election remains. Rashed Khan Menon said that 14 parties will be needed to deal with that crisis.

Around 2004, before the 9th JS elections, Awami League and several other parties formed a 14-party coalition or grand coalition. Awami League, the main partner of the alliance, is still thinking about whether the 14-party coalition partners are needed in the Jatiya Sangsad elections to be held in January 2024. Obaidul Quader's statement at the political office of the party President in Dhanmondi last Saturday (November 25, 2023) caused discomfort among the alliance partners.

Obaidul Quader said in response to the journalists' questions, "The 14-party alliance has not been decided yet." I have not yet decided whether we need partners or not.

Quader said, "If our opposition makes a big alliance, we will have an alliance against it." Besides, why do we have to make unnecessary alliances? I will not join unless necessary. And with whom I will make an alliance, they must be accepted by the people.

Last Sunday (Kushtia-2 and Narayanganj-5 seats were left vacant), the ruling Awami League announced a single party candidate for 298 seats in the 12th JS Election. Among them, the president of the party, Bangabandhu's daughter, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, will contest from one seat in Gopalganj-3. Apart from this, the party's general secretary Obaidul Kader will contest from Noakhali-5 seat.

Yesterday Sunday (November 26, 2023) at 4 pm at 23 Bangabandhu Avenue Awami League central office, Awami League General Secretary and Road Transport and Bridges Minister Obaidul Quader announced the names of party nominated candidates for the 12th JS election.